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Sugarbush Vermont real estate for sale Real Estate at Sugarbush - That Which You'll See

Sugarbush, VT has some of the greatest bits of real-estate in the state. Anybody who's searching for a nice spot to settle down and raise a family in should come and check out Sugarbush. The city of Sugarbush is wonderful and is looked upon as being one of the country's cleanest and safest. So what are a few of the fantastic properties in Sugarbush that are worth looking at? Should you actually need to appreciate the answer to that issue, then continue reading.

The One at 338 Clay Brook at Sugarbush

This is not exactly a home, but more of a condo located at 338 Clay Brook. The inside of the condominium measures at 2,311 sq. ft as the outside is approximately 6.3 acres. There is a ton of space for everybody and you could even enjoy having a dip within the pool outside. The device is worth $1,175,000 and comes with a bevy of privileges including an owner's lounge, concierge service, and access to a heated pool and outdoor bathtubs.

The Amazing Location at 2440 Sugarbush Access Rd.

This superb property found at 2400 Sugarbush Access Rd. doubles as both a family lodge or an ownership by numerous families. The property's size means you will find 11 bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms, along with an individual partial bathroom. The interior is roughly 4,140 sq. ft. and rests firmly on land measuring 1.1 acres. Though it's operating as an inn today, nonetheless you can transform it into a family home for $725,000.

An Awesome Home at 1268 Sugarbush Golf Course Rd.

This sprawling piece of real estate located at Maple Hill is one for the books. The house measures 5,300 sq. ft and rests on 3.3 acres of property. Anyone who loves golf will love living in this home since it rests in the edge of the Sugarbush Golf and Country Club. The outside is really wide and boasts of several features including a summer kitchen and stone walls. At $2,800,000, this whole property has 7 bedrooms with plenty of space, 5 beautiful full baths, and two partial baths. Addititionally there is a wine-cellar situated at the lower level of the home that will hold up to 1000 bottles of wine.

[21 Club Sugarbush| Some Awesomeness at 21 Club Sugarbush| An Excellent Place at 21 Club Sugarbush}

This nice looking property has received all 1,518 sq. ft. of it renovated in the top down. The house's interior has tons of space for everybody and additionally, it includes a hearth to keep you warm. The kitchen is stacked against the kind of stainless steel cabinets, custom tiles, and a few appliances. The bathrooms also provide new tiles. Its present selling price is $285,000 and it includes a handful of bedrooms and partial baths, and 1 complete bathroom. The home is ideal for small families.


There are lots of real estate properties in Sugarbush that you see. Their rates could become too much, but they are definitely worth every cent. Be certain to get in touch with a Sugarbush real estate representative in order to acquire some aid. The residences in Sugarbush are among the nation's finest and you ought to actually see them for yourselves.Warren Vermont real estate for sale

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